BD3 and Unkle Nephew Drops SUNNYDALE II

The powerful duo BD3 and Unkle Nephew are back with their newly released album, SUNNYDALE II. Packed with a unique touch of funky and soulful undertones, an authentic musical surprise awaits the listeners. The album, which is a second installment on the works of this duo, is created on the solid foundation of their previous work which is a huge success that only proves that this collaboration is indeed a hit.

One of the most notable features of this album is its impressive collaboration with a collection of artists that are prominent in each of their fields. It gives highlights to the following big people behind this album; FKAjazz, the Grammy-nominated saxophonist/producer, Yoshiki Yamada (bassist), and Noah MacNeil (keyboardist). This album also features artists such as CARTOONS, Rojo Lavoe, Matt Maijah, and Jemaine Holmes. Their collective efforts resulted in one helluva musical production that’s called SUNNYDALE II.


Unlike the traditional hip hop that you currently hear on the airwaves, SUNNYDALE II is a breath of fresh air. It goes beyond the boundaries of hip-hop as it goes into what someone can describe as “adult contemporary music with a youthful edge.” This representation suggests that this album is a thought-provoking craft with the brush of fresh and chill vibe that the younger generation consumes these days. As part of the younger side of this generation, I can confidently say that this album is an absolute banger! It is unique, and the musicality is both timeless and pleasing to listen to.

First off with “Tweed Checkers” – A groovy surprise from the duo with jazzy undertones. It has a clear rap flow, and carefully placed beats. This track is packed with jazz, R&B, and hip-hop with soulful vocals adding an extra layer of depth. “Cloth Talk” – it gives off a similar vibe to the first track but what makes it unique is the isolated solo drum beats in the background. The rap is clean, and of course, as expected from this album, it has an excellent flow. The rhythmic wordplay also makes this song stand out and as a testament to the goodness of this song, this track has already garnered 36 thousand streams on Spotify, so better check out this journey!


When I heard the track “KiTE II”– my initial thought was it gives off a Bruno Mars vibe. Just like the other tracks on this album, it showcases the skillful way the artist plays with words to perfectly fit the beat, the tone, and the whole music in general. In the same way, the track “Stay” is a groovy blend of soulful R&B, and hip-hop with head-bopping beats and a chill yet clean flow. The vocals in this track are also top-notch. The riffs, the high notes, and the recording of some snippets at the end of this track are absolute greatness that enhance the overall experience as you listen. The production of these songs adds to the overall dramatic flair of the tracks.

Now, “SUN E’s Interlude” comes in as a surprise as it includes commentaries from the artists in the first half of the song. But boy, the surprise does not end there as it will be leading you to an amazing vocal that is jazzy and soulful. IT IS FIRE! The track “TOXiC”, on the other hand, features a clean spitfire rap from the artist. “Lucky”, has a gritty vibe as the siren sounds add to the tension of this song. The “Brush” is highlighted with amazing bass riffs that are just dirty which makes this track unique and overall great. The “Paths” offers a refreshing sound that features beats, guitars, and subtle synths. My personal favorite in this track aside from its free-flowing rap, is the adorable portion on its end part. Last but definitely not least, “DARDRA (Unkle Groove Ill)” is a track that is perfect background music as you sit in a night bar after a long day at work on a Friday night. It is a chill, feel-good track.

With this fuse of funky rhythms, soulful melodies, and the skillful way of writing lyrics that are delivered through a great flowing rap, SUNNYDALE II is an album to be watched out for. Released last February 16, 2024, it is a musical masterpiece that is skillfully made showcasing the artistry of BD3 and Unkle Nephew through their music. Whether you are an avid hip-hop fan or a casual music enjoyer, the album SUNNYDALE II is undoubtedly a great listen. Go add it to your playlist to give it an upgrade. Check out their Spotify now!

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