I Fall I Rise Released New Single ‘Demensiya’

I Fall, I Rise, a metalcore band hailing from Manila formed in 2014, has just released their new song “Demensiya.” It’s a powerful rock tune that explores the human mind deeply. The song talks about struggles with mistakes and memories.

When Demensya starts playing, you can’t help but get drawn into its intense sound. Aries Villasis leads with passionate singing that really hits you. The song’s main theme is about a mind battling its own demons, and you can feel this in every guitar riff and drumbeat. Mark Co, Kyle Cal, Natividad, and Johnel Estoreon play with so much feeling.


Demensya also features the exceptional talents of Miguel Palispis of Fell The Mighty/Curbside and Niko Cezar of Fragments, whose contributions add an extra layer of depth to the track. Recorded at the esteemed Backdoor Recording Studio and masterfully mixed and mastered by Kyle Cayton, the song boasts a polished production that enhances its impact.


What’s great about Demensya is how it makes you feel different emotions. It takes you from sadness to explosive bursts of cathartic release, showing IFIR’s skill at capturing human feelings.

Plus, you can easily listen to Demensya on all streaming platforms, thanks to Hellcat Entertainment. This song is another success for IFIR. Here’s the new single from IFIR, available now on all streaming platforms.

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