Bright Kelly Released A Deluxe Vinyl Version Of His Album ‘Funeral Tickets’

Bright Kelly’s music took an exciting turn with “Funeral Tickets Deluxe,” a fancier and remastered version of his recent EP. This deluxe reissue, timed to coincide with a vinyl release, both sides of the vinyl have the same four songs, but they feel different. One side has the full band sound, like what you hear on the radio. The other side keeps it simple with just piano and vocals.

Hailing from the gritty soul of Philadelphia, Bright Kelly, the virtuoso behind this masterpiece is the frontman of The Great Enough – a name that, let’s be real, already sets the bar high. His impressive list of collaborations includes touring with the likes of Imagine Dragons, Sir Sly, and Mike Shinoda. Notably, as a solo artist, he’s collaborated with members of influential bands like John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band and The Dave Matthews Band. Beyond his solo endeavors, Bright Kelly is a highly regarded session vocalist, contributing his distinctive voice to over 500 recordings spanning various genres. His music, characterized as introspective, lyrical, sardonic, and passionate, resonates with fans of artists such as Bon Iver, Hozier, and Phoebe Bridgers.


The “Funeral Tickets Deluxe” amplifies Bright Kelly’s signature raspy voice against a more electric, alternative backdrop compared to his 2022 acoustic EP, “The Quiet Ones.” Across the four songs, the artist digs into interconnected energies, processes childhood trauma, celebrates the highs and lows of love, and challenges the concept of ignorance as bliss. The album includes controversy, contemplation, and catharsis, a raw package befitting Bright’s moniker—the Gritty City Bard.

Now, let’s dish on the tracks. “Better Than This” kicks things off – a cleaner, professionally mastered version that’s like Bright’s voice got a VIP ticket to its own party. Sad lyrics and a catchy chorus? Check and check. “Jesus Was A Socialist” – sounds like the title of a rockin’ Sunday sermon, right? It’s got soul, it’s got statements, and it’s definitely not your grandma’s hymn. Here’s for some deep thoughts on a soulful exploration of societal distractions and the busyness that often obscures gratitude. Despite its title, the song carries a subjective message, transcending easy categorization.


I Remember Everything” introduces a relaxing tempo and an earworm quality that draws listeners into the music. Bright’s heartfelt delivery, combined with exceptional mastering, makes this track a standout. Closing the show is “hellogodmorning” – calming intro, ambient vibes, and a chorus that beautifully intertwines with Bright’s raspy voice and catchier than your morning coffee jingle. You’ll feel the emotions even if your life’s more sitcom than drama.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get better, flip the record for the piano versions of the initial four tracks, a remarkable and relaxing experience that offers a different perspective. It’s like Bright decided, “Let’s have a musical nightcap.” Perfect for your sleep playlist – a different vibe but equally as dreamy. These renditions provide a serene alternative to the electric energy of the first half. Bright Kelly’s taken his tunes to new heights with “Funeral Tickets Deluxe” and invites us to join the ride. Bright’s ability to convey authenticity and evoke emotions through his music is truly commendable. Whether you’re vibing with the electric energy or swaying to the piano lullabies, this release is a testament to the Gritty City Bard’s brilliance.

Funeral Tickets DELUXE Vinyl (signed) just dropped – only 200 copies, exclusively made in the USA by Softwax Records on second-use ecomix vinyl in a unique purple/pink swirl. Side A is the classic EP you adore, and Side B is a piano-driven, stripped-back live studio performance. Each vinyl is one-of-a-kind – no repeats, just pure musical magic! Get your copy here:

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