Melbourne-Based Artist Harrison Storm Dropped His Debut Album, “Wonder, Won’t You?”

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Harrison Storm just dropped his debut album, “Wonder, Won’t You?“. Born from his collaboration with ARIA Music Award nominee Dustin Tebbutt in a cozy studio at the back of a coffee roastery, this masterpiece holds ten songs soaked in genuine emotion. These tracks weren’t just tunes; they were Harrison’s way of working through his own battles and now, he hopes they’ll strike a chord with others too.

Ever discovered that one album that turns your headphones into lullabies? You hit play, loop it, and next thing you know, it’s snooze-city! That’s the kind of relaxing, peaceful vibe this album delivers. This album is like a scrapbook of the past few years of Harrison’s life. It captures everything he’s been through—love, tackling mental health hurdles, and the quest to connect better with both himself and the world. Before sharing these songs with the world, they served as a therapeutic sanctuary for him. But now, he’s stoked for people to find their own meaning in this album.


“My stories have a lot to do with connection and connecting with myself, but also really trying to connect with the world. Growing up, I could never really find my place or fit in. When I write a song, it helps me realise that all these emotions and learnings are just part of the human experience, and that it’s okay to have those heavy and introspective thoughts” Harrison says.

Let’s talk about the tracks in this album. Wonder, Won’t You is like a roadmap through the land of love, loneliness, discoveries, and life’s heartaches. The album kicks off with “Warm a Cold Heart” a gentle nudge to embrace self-kindness and celebrate your uniqueness. Picture it as a cozy musical hug on a frosty day. Its ambient tones intertwine beautifully with Harrison’s soothing vocals and acoustic melodies, creating a calming atmosphere. Its profound lyrics ponder new beginnings and yearn for answers: Can love teach us to thaw a frozen heart? Can it guide us towards a fresh start?

Then there’s “Stone,” an acoustic gem touching on the preference for solitude over feeling out of place in companionship. It’s a song embracing loneliness while urging not to let the world make you feel isolated, akin to a stone amidst it all.


The track “Daylight Sun”  beautifully conveys the message of showing unwavering support to someone, assuring them that there are people who firmly believe in them, no matter what, endlessly.  Harrison Storm is a real acoustic sensation! I’m genuinely impressed by how he turns emotions into lyrics and crafts them into acoustic masterpieces. Plus, his voice suits the genre perfectly. Not everyone can pull that off! “In Good Time” reflects the rapid passage of time, the fear of being left behind, and the relief of finding someone who cares for you. Having that person makes everything okay, and you don’t need anything else. Eventually, everything falls into place and make sense in good time.

And in “Tomorrow,” Harrison navigates life’s chaos, finding solace and clarity in the embrace of a loved one. Each track in this album is pure ear candy for your peace of mind. It’s like a musical masseuse, relaxing your ears and soothing your soul. It’s a seriously serene vibe that’ll settle into your head and heart in the best possible way!

But, hey! I won’t spoil the whole album. What I’ve laid out here is just a sneak peek. There’s a lot more depth to this album than I’ve revealed. Trust me, it’s a hidden acoustic gem awaiting your exploration. You know that one album where every track’s an absolute banger, and you just can’t hit skip?  “Wonder, Won’t You?” is exactly that!  Harrison’s musical expedition from street busking days to global recognition, showcases his passion, vulnerability, sensitivity, and genuine humanity. Freshly released, this album’s poised to find its spot in your playlist, exactly where it’s meant to be.

Wonder, Won’t You Track List

Warm A Cold Heart
My Way Home
Daylight Sun
In Good Time
This Love
Life Ain’t Ordinary
The Wind And The Wild
Better With You

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