Rehya Stevens Unwraps the Festive Season with “Santa’s Takin’ Over The Town”

The twinkling lights, the scent of pine, and the promise of joy—there’s something about the holiday season that warms the heart. And now, indie pop sensation from Northern California, Rehya Stevens has gifted us an early Christmas miracle with her latest 10-track musical gem, “Santa’s Takin’ Over The Town,” released alongside the spirited single ‘Wonderful World Tonight’ on November 24th, 2023.

So, let’s don our festive hats and take a musical sleigh ride through this snow-kissed tracklist. The album kicks off with ‘Christmas is Near,’ setting the stage for a dazzling holiday party—a confetti-filled invitation to immerse ourselves in the season’s spirit.


But that’s just the tip of the mistletoe! Stevens delivers a jolly sleigh full of holiday cheer. From the mischievous ‘Don’t Be Late’ to the high-energy rockabilly beats of ‘Santa’s Takin’ Over The Town’ and the heartfelt plea of ‘Be My Baby By Christmas Night,’ Stevens keeps the merry vibes rolling. Yet, amidst the flurry of festive joy, ‘Early Winter’ arrives with a melancholic reminder of the season’s bittersweet side.

As we journey through the album, ‘Christmas Is Comin’ Again’ welcomes us with the warmth of a fireside chat, while ‘Me, Myself & I’ transports us to a soulful bar scene, painting a picture of a solitary soul pondering the holiday season.

‘Welcome One & All’ offers a reflective hymn, urging us to spread warmth and embrace everyone. Finally, ‘Spread A Little Love For Christmas’ concludes the musical celebration with an island beat and a global message of inclusivity.

Amidst this jingling journey, the standout single ‘Wonderful World Tonight’ serves as a festive fiesta that encapsulates the thrill of a night out with friends during the holidays. Inspired by teenage winter blues, Stevens has brewed an anthem that captures the joy of youthful escapades during this merry season.


Digging deeper into the creative process, Stevens shares her inspiration behind ‘Wonderful World Tonight’ and its significance. She paints a vivid picture of shared holiday moments with friends, reminiscing about day-trips to the snow or spirited nights out that inject vibrancy and joy into the season.

With accolades like a #2 Billboard holiday single and sync licenses in hit movies, Stevens’ holiday collection seems to grow like a Christmas tree every year. And for those seeking an extra dash of holiday spirit, the signed Deluxe Edition CD boasts a treasure trove, including ‘Santa’s Takin’ Over the Town’ and Rehya’s 2021 Christmas album ‘Tis the Season’

So, crank up those festive tunes because Rehya Stevens’ musical gift is more than just a present—it’s a celebration of togetherness, wrapped in soulful melodies and infectious cheer. Here’s to a season filled with joyous celebrations and heartwarming tunes!

“Santa’s Takin’ Over The Town” Track List

Christmas Is Near
Don’t Be Late
Santa’s Takin Over The Town
Be My Baby By Christmas Night
Early Winter
Christmas Is Coming Again
Wonderful World Tonight
Me, Myself & I
Welcome One & All
Spread A Little Love For Christmas

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