Nicki Knightz’s New Album – Lonely Girls Hearts Club


Nicki Knightz has managed to concoct something truly mesmerizing with her latest 8-track album, “Lonely Girls Hearts Club.” Imagine a musical DeLorean, zooming back to the early 2000s, reviving those hip-hop vibes, funky samples, and beats that hit you in the feels just right. It’s not just an album; it’s like a blast from the past dipped in the sauce of rap, avant-garde vibes, and those unmistakable 808s that make you nod like, “Yup, that’s the stuff!”


Nicki Knightz kicked off her musical journey with a bang, dropping her first EP ‘Hate’ in late 2018. And guess what? She celebrated its arrival by taking the stage like a boss at Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, headlining her own gig alongside the talented Henny Knightz & BZERK.

But hold on, the Knightz saga doesn’t stop there! Fast forward to 2020—Nicki came back swinging with ‘For The Uninformed,’ delivering not just tunes but an important message about her mixed-race identity. It hit right at a pivotal moment in history, riding the wave of the post-George Floyd protests. And let me tell you, Toddla T himself couldn’t help but bow down to the sheer greatness of it. He dubbed ‘India Arie’ as his ‘coldest record of the week’ on Radio 1, calling it downright special. He even went as far as saying, “I’ve never heard anything like it.” Now, that’s what you call leaving an impression!

Hailing from Hackney, Nicki teams up with Henny Knightz, her partner-in-crime, to craft this musical gem. Picture this: the album starts with ‘Lonely Girls Hearts Club’—it’s a revelation, a glimpse into Nicki’s world of council estate living, feeling like an outsider, and eventually finding her tribe among a group of creative misfits. The track is like a beacon of hope, celebrating individuality and empowerment in a world that often feels limiting.

‘Along Came Molly’ keeps the story rolling, sharing the highs and lows of dancing with Molly (not the person, the drug!) over a whimsical soundscape that feels like taking a musical joyride. Then, ‘Step With Me’ featuring Joe Jas hits you with that MTV nostalgia and a dose of pure individuality. It’s like saying, “Hey, remember the good old days? Well, we’re bringing ’em back!”

‘You Want Me’ featuring Tai takes us down the rabbit hole of crushes and the exhilarating thrill of exploring them. Meanwhile, ‘Bigger Things’ featuring Ivohé dives into the delicate balancing act of chasing dreams while hustling through the 9-to-5 grind—a true anthem for the dreamers with day jobs.


Now, hold on to your hat because ‘Icy’ turns the tables. It’s Nicki at her rawest, laying down unfiltered emotions, razor-sharp rap skills, and a message that hits you like a freight train. And ‘Cherry’ featuring RETROPXSSY? It’s Nicki flaunting her rebellious spirit, shunning societal norms, and navigating her own uncharted waters in style.

But here’s where things get real—‘P.O.V.’ drops, and it’s not just another track; it’s a narrative powerhouse. This song transcends boundaries, shining a light on the silent struggles of domestic abuse from both the victim and the abuser’s perspectives. It’s a gut-wrenching but necessary look at a harsh reality, delivered through poignant lyrics and powerful beats.

“Lonely Girls Hearts Club” has a deeply layered narrative that peels back human experiences, exposing raw emotions and societal complexities. Nicki Knightz doesn’t shy away from the heavy stuff, delivering a compelling and impactful musical journey that leaves a lasting impression.

This album is like a novel filled with layers of human experience. It’s the kind of music that sticks with you, resonating long after the final track fades out.

Lonely Girls Hearts Club Track List

Lonely Girls Hearts Club (Intro)
Along Came Molly
Step With Me ft. JoeJas
You Want Me? ft. Tai
Bigger Things ft. Ivohe

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