Unconventional Frequencies – Vide Obscur’s Debut EP – ‘1’


Vide Obscur feels like stepping into a sound labyrinth where you’ve heard every note but can’t quite place the melody. Picture Cologne, Germany—home to Julian Stetter and Jakob Lebsanft, the sonic architects behind Vide Obscur. These guys aren’t your run-of-the-mill producers; they’re the wizards who’ve conjured tunes for names like C.A.R., Casey Spooner, and a boatload of other artists.


Now, “1,” their debut EP, isn’t your typical collection of tracks. Nope, these guys went full-on mad scientists, locking themselves away for five days, just jamming on instruments without a clue where the music was headed. Then, like musical magicians, they twisted those signals through gadgets, spun them into soundscapes, and—voilà—six tracks emerged.

But describing what these tracks sound like? That’s the real brain teaser. “Lovers In The Night” throws a vocal house loop into a drum pattern that’s more rock than anything, yet somehow grungy. “Weaponized Ideas”? It’s like a poppy indie tune, but it’s also trying to school you on territorial disputes. And let’s not forget “Le Troisième Regard”—bass guitar loops, dreamy Wurlitzer chords, and an intimate voice making sweet, sweet sonic love.

This EP is as wild as it gets. Sometimes it’s a ’90s throwback, channeling Tortoise vibes, and at other times, it’s a mashup of everything—New Wave, Jazz, Indie-Pop, R’n’B, and probably some music from a parallel universe that even Google can’t decode.


Vide Obscur isn’t playing by the rules here. They’re crafting tunes from thin air and giving zero cares about conventions. Their music isn’t just for your ears; it’s the soundtrack to life’s quirky moments. Need a tune to plot your next mischievous act? Want something to groove to while getting tangled up in yoga poses? “1” has got you covered.

So, get lost in the beats and let Vide Obscur’s “1” be your guide through a musical rabbit hole. It’s an invitation to break free from musical norms, tap into your rebellious side, and maybe discover a newfound passion for sticky notes or yoga—it’s your call! Ultimately, “1” is a ticket to a musical wonderland where rules don’t apply, and the only thing that matters is the journey through these unconventional sounds.

“1” Track List

Lovers In The Night
Weaponized Ideas
Le Troisieme Regard
Lost For Words
All Is Under Construction

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