Discover GIOVANNI FROM KEPLER-22 Through EP “III. Fear, Loathing, & Beyond”

Intriguing titles, a phenomenal sound, and a compelling message of pure resilience – that is the musicality that GIOVANNI FROM KEPLER-22, a rising artist who’s shaking up the whole indie music scene with his latest EP, “III. Fear, Loathing, & Beyond“. Released last 24th of March, it’s already causing craze with its tight groove, beats, and charged sound.

“III. Fear, Loathing, and Beyond” is a 6-track EP crafted by GIOVANNI FROM KEPLER-22 in the latter half of 2023. It is packed with narratives of struggle, resilience, and transformation in pursuit of something better. It is cool, it is an absolute banger, and this EP is a whole lot of experience.


Ignoratio” serves as the introductory track for this EP. It is powerful, the build-up is great and the beat is nothing but exceptional. It is a worthy teaser for what is yet to be expected on the next EPs. The lines for this track were simple, which works so well with the whole production. Next, “Copia” – an absolute banger. Just like the others, it is packed with unique and dope beats blended with synths making it sound modern. It is very stylish and has a 100% guarantee of head bops. Here, the artist showcased his clear delivery of lines through his clean flow raps.

Autumnalis” does not really stray far from the quality of the other tracks. With its fire beats and addicting melody, this song offers a different kind of drama from the others. This one is definitely a personal favorite. It is clean, the delivery is great, and the production is spot on, this track is definitely worthy to be put on your playlist. “Stella” comes close next as a personal favorite. THE VIBE THO! This one is fire. Although this one is somehow on the calmer and vibe-y side, it is sexy, and dirty (in a good way), and an absolute charmer.

The tracks “Luctus” and “Kylo” were also released in this EP. It is explosive as it is loaded with all the defiant and suppressed angry energy. Just like the other tracks, it gives off pure absolute goodness translated into music.


GIOVANNI FROM KEPLER-22 is a unique artist. He has this enigmatic vibe coming off of him as released through his tracks. His music encourages you to dive deeper into your own struggles, and fears – the understanding of the human experience and how to be unyielding in order to overcome it.

Overall, throughout this whole EP, the tracks paint a clear vision of internal conflict, a discovery of power, and resilience because of despair. “III. Fear Loathing & Beyond” is solid proof that a product of something great is taken out of something dark when facing your demons.

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