Panda City Teases Upcoming Album Release With EP “Beautiful”

Heads up, people! Panda City is about to release an upcoming full-length album and for starters, here’s an EP called “Beautiful” to set the mood for their future release. On the 24th of April 2024, Panda City – an NYC-based hip-hop/pop duo – dropped their captivating EP featuring two tracks entitled “Beautiful”. This EP showcases the duo’s impressive skill set and range, offering a fresh blend of sound with thought-provoking lyrics and feel-good sound quality.

The track “Beautiful” opens this EP, it is a feel-good track packed with vibrant sound that guarantees to lift your moods up as you listen. Its infectious melodies are highlighted by the duo’s signature skill set in rap and rhythmic flow as well as the vibrant pop sounds. This track creates a great sound that fosters a feeling of positivity. This is a track that you can listen to while driving your way to work as you go about to slay your day – “Beautiful” injects a boost of warmth and coolness into your day!


Another featured track in this EP is the track called, “Galaga”. This track proves that Panda City is fearless in going to lengths and diving deeper into problems that are a reality for the majority of us in modern society. This track features a lyrical showcase that’s centered on the duo’s turn to dissect issues around them through observation with their critical eyes. This track speaks the truth – it challenges social niches and shows off a challenging and intriguing perspective to the listeners. It is thought-provoking, and “Galaga” just like the track “Beautiful” is a must-listen!


“Beautiful” and “Galaga” offer two different and distinct sounds. This duality reflects the quality and the range that Panda City is about to provide for its audience. This EP is a powerful teaser and it sets the mood and excitement for what is yet to come for their upcoming album release. This EP is solid proof of the duo’s potential.

Don’t miss out on this goodness. Check out Panda City and their latest EP drop “Beautiful” and experience their awesome music. Be sure to check out their social media accounts and follow them for more updates on their upcoming album release. Stream “Beautiful”, now available on all major platforms!

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