“de zéro”: A Delicious Freshly Dropped Album From Chef Porter

Creating good music is like cooking. You prepare all the necessary elements and ingredients to make one perfect recipe to satisfy your audience. Every element needs to complement others in order for a song to not sound weird or the food to not taste bad. Chef Porter, a celebrity chef who is also a great rapper fully understands this idea.

On November 3, 2023, Chef Porter released this absolutely delicious collection of tracks entitled “de zéro”. This French line that means “From Scratch” perfectly captures the whole essence of the artist’s 16-track album. This whole collection is a perfect blend of Chef Porter’s expertise in classic rap incorporated with a glimpse of his exceptional culinary background.


This project is a glimpse into the life of Chief Porter, from his humble beginnings, his passion, and his solid ethical foundation for work, this is a guarantee of good music. Moreover, this production is jam-packed with talented and multi-awarded big names such as Mark Byrd (a Grammy-nominated producer) and the veteran in the industry, CLCII, whose spices offered a different style and taste to the whole production. This classic hip-hop album will feed your ears with such a good sound that will leave you craving for more!

“Mise en Place” kicks off the whole album. With the unique storytelling, this feature provides a glimpse of a heartwarming introduction of Chef Porter’s done by his mother. It is a recording of Chef Porter’s journey – a solid foundation and start for the whole album. Following this is the anthem “Walk The Line”, a song that exudes confident purpose. This is an inspirational track that tugs the strings of your soul through its anecdotes which makes the whole track relatable and resonating.


“@Your Service” is the top track in this album with more than 220,000 streams on Spotify. Along with the track “Calistoga” these tracks offer a taste of Chef Porter’s skills as a rapper. Not only that but tracks like “Perfect Pictures”, “Suite Life”, and “H.O.M.E.” offers a deeper dive into something personal to Chef’s life. It perfectly explores the themes of relationship, growth, and faith. Tracks like “Flambè”, “Clarity”, “Solely Matrimony”, “2424 White Plains Rode”, “11:59 p.m.”, “Bronx River Pkwy”, “Much Obliged”, “Gratitude”, and “Thank You” were also featured in this album. These tracks showcase the range of genres and skill sets pitched on this album. So be sure to check these all out!

Chef Porter literally and figuratively cooked in this album. There is no denying that he is a great chef, but with de zero – he cooked, he ate, and left no crumbs. This is an album that showcases his prowess as a hip-hop artist with undeniable flow. All the tracks were cleverly written and incorporated into his background in culinary which offers a fresh overview of your usual classic hip-hop themes relating to ambition, societal issues, and ambition. Ultimately, this album is a captivating offering of Chef Porter’s skills and talent matched with great production, infectious energy, and just absolutely great vibes!

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