Wingtip Is Back With ‘Laughter From The Other Room’

Be charmed by Wingtip‘s latest EP released last February 9, 2024, entitled “Laughter from the Other Room.” This five-track collection tells us about Wingtip’s journey through a year-long relationship and is the second part of a two-part showcase of musicality. It talks about wanting to move on, but still wanting to explain things or maybe…wanting to come back – but couldn’t.

Laughter from the Other Room captures the feeling of being connected and simultaneously feeling apart from a relationship. It is proof of the bittersweet aftertaste of love, where memories stay even after cutting the connections off. According to the artist, the songs on this EP are messy bits. It is packed with mixed feelings, and confusion while yearning for someone and knowing that it is not right. It talks about wanting to move on, but still, you’re finding yourself reminiscing about your past, thinking about the “could have beens” and just the whole bunch of stages of the emotional process.


It’s confusing when we’re left without knowing what really happened, right? The track, “Last to Know” captures the confusion in that very question. Its easy-to-remember melody and relatable lines make this song easy to listen to. This EP shows skills of Wingtip in writing songs. This track is one of the best examples of the artist’s strength in storytelling. The lines, “Took us almost 10 months to get there, took you ’bout an hour to leave,” and “Well, I guess you’ve had enough way before you called me up,” shows that Wingtip isn’t afraid to lay down all his emotions on his songs.

Speaking of emotions, the track “Boyfriend” tops (my) list of the most emotional songs on this EP. The line, “I miss missing you all the time”, is a clever way to set the mood of the song as it is really relatable. While this track has its modern vibe to it, the weight of emotions poured and released through this song is undeniable. The repeated lyric, “I don’t wanna be your boyfriend, I just wanna be your man”, speaks of a deep desire to become someone more than the casual nature of being just a “boyfriend”. This song shows us a yearning to become more than just a temporary. It is a plea for a longer commitment. The combination of all these elements makes the listening experience of this track both beautiful as well as heartbreaking.

“There You Are” yet again proves that this EP is just top-notch when it comes to written lyrics and storytelling. This song captures the nostalgic yet bittersweet presence of memories about someone and the line, “See you everywhere, even when you’re not there” suits it perfectly. It is a great listening experience given its catchy tune and clear vocals which make it so easy to connect by just listening to the track.


On the other hand, “Nothing to Lose” is an acoustic treat. It is a track that remembers the moment of them being together until they weren’t. The times when it’s all alright until it isn’t. The melody is so catchy, but don’t be fooled by its catchy tones as it tells us the story of how they became something until they aren’t. It gives off a bittersweet feeling of remembering the good times and thinking of not having chances to continue at all.

And of course, closing the curtains for this EP, is the track “Something’s Holding Me Back”. This track is just pure goodness. Packed with the artist’s clear vocals, it tells us a story of wanting to say something but can’t because of the fact that. It gives us a balance between hope and frustration. It shows us the struggle of wanting to do something for the sake of trying, yet one phrase from her holds him captive.

This EP is really something. This feels like listening to someone who’s been left but the other person took away half of this person’s heart and soul with them. This EP is also solid proof of Wingtip’s skills in writing music. The carefully chosen words, delicately placed melodies, and acoustic guitars create a light and intimate vibe for the whole duration of the EP.

Whether you’ve experienced a love like the one Wingtip has experienced or simply if you appreciate great musical craftmanship and storytelling through songs, Laughter from the Other Side of the Room will fit your liking. This EP relates on a personal level – it is a reminder that love can never be forgotten, like the story of Wingtip on this EP, these memories can be immortalized forever. Follow him for more updates on his music!

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