Underneath this Skin Unplugged: Pieternel’s Release New EP ‘Acoustic Tales’

Guess who’s shaking up 2024 with some acoustic magic? None other than Pieternel, and her latest EP ‘Acoustic Tales‘ is the key to unlocking the feels. Released on January 5, this EP cherry-picks five tracks from her smash-hit album, ‘Underneath this Skin,’ undresses the tracks with a musical touch, shaping them into an acoustic rendition. The outcome? A potent pop Americana EP narrating a woman’s quest to find her footing in a constantly spinning world. Her unfiltered vision lays bare her profound vulnerability.

Pieternel didn’t cook this musical shindig solo. Nope, she brought along heavyweights like Billboard 100 maestro Bill Diluigi, the wizard of tunes Karl Adams, Grammy Award honoree Femke Weidema, and a crew of other musical whiz-kids. It’s not just music they’re crafting; it’s more like a cozy, musical group hug. Now, that’s what you call a powerhouse jam session, right?


Pieternel, our musical artist straight outta Amsterdam, is the ultimate mixologist of sounds. Picture this: classic country vibes shaken up with a splash of modern pop and folk elements. It’s like Brandi Carlile, First Aid Kit, and Chris Stapleton decided to throw an impromptu jam session – that’s the unmistakable vibe Pieternel brings to the table. This isn’t Pieternel’s first rodeo in the music scene. She made her debut in 2018 with the EP ‘All Night Cafe,’ and then dropped the full-length album ‘Roosevelt Island‘ – recorded in the heart of Nashville, no less. Grammy-winning producer Femke Weidema and Gouden Kalf winner Helge Slikker sprinkled their magic dust on it. Fast forward to the pandemic, where Pieternel tugged at our heartstrings with singles like ‘Ugly Beast,’ ‘I’m Ready,’ ‘Lately,’ and ‘A Heart Like that.’ Her sophomore album ‘Underneath this Skin,’ sharing the nitty-gritty of dreams and demons with brutal honesty. It’s like a musical therapy session – Pieternel-style.

The real scoop, though, is her latest EP ‘Acoustic Tales.’ She teamed up with guitarist/producer Bram Doreleijers (HEAVN), and together, they stripped those tracks down to the bare essentials. Acoustic strings and harmonized vocals take center stage, creating a whole new perspective on these gems. It’s like musical alchemy at its finest.

Now, let’s dish about the tracks. ‘Standing on the Edge‘ kicks things off – it’s like a musical hammock, swinging you into relaxation with Pieternel’s enchanting voice. And guess what? Spotify NL loved it so much they added it to their ‘Easy on Sunday’ playlist. Then there’s ‘Underneath This Skin,’ showing off professional production skills – a different sound, but it’s that same feels trip from the original. It’s like Pieternel decided to give this track a whole new wardrobe while keeping the essence intact. Talk about a musical makeover!

For a sprinkle of personal experience. As I type away, surrounded by the clickety-clack of keys, I’ve got Pieternel’s EP serenading my ears. Trust me, I’m predicting an imminent need for more coffee. Why? Well, it’s like this EP decided to turn into a lullaby, gently singing me into a blissful state – especially with a track like “Ugly Beast.” It’s the auditory equivalent of a cozy blanket. And then we have “The Harbor,” hitting you with a wave of peaceful and soulful vibes. This one’s a must for your morning coffee routine. Imagine sipping your favorite brew, staring out the window, and letting Pieternel’s soul-soothing tunes set the perfect backdrop. It’s like a mini-vacation for your senses.


But hey! What you’ve just heard is merely the tip of the iceberg. ‘Acoustic Tales‘ is packed with more musical goodness than I can spill in one go. One thing’s for sure – this EP deserves not just a spot but a prime real estate on your chill playlist. As the calendar flips to 2024, Pieternel is gearing up for a musical escapade to Nashville, cooking up fresh tunes that’ll be the heartbeat of your days.

She’s also set to grace Dutch theatres with “Bob Dylan – De Songs, de Mythe” (Bob Dylan – The Songs, the Myth). Trust me, Pieternel’s musical journey is far from over; in fact, it’s just getting warmed up, and there’s a whole symphony waiting to be unveiled. Stay tuned for the encore!

Acoustic Tales Track List

Standing On The Edge
Underneath this Skin
Ugly Beast
The Harbor
Promise of a Postcard

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