Daniel Schamroth Drops new EP ‘Major Companion’

British artist Daniel Schamroth is back with his signature acoustic music to set the music scene in the mood with his latest EP release, “Major Companion”. The six-track EP is available on all major platforms, featuring the fascinating lead single, Rat Race – this EP promises an excellent musical experience and is ready to invade the world.

Known for his unique style and skillful songwriting, Schamroth is in for a powerful acoustic musical treat in Major Companion. Guy Massey – a two-time Grammy-winner whose career includes iconic collaboration with big artists such as Paul Simon, Ed Sheeran, and The Beatles, produced this EP which holds timeless quality that is a sure-fire across different generations.


The EP, Major Companion is effortlessly amazing. With Schamroth’s artistry showcased through the calm strings and simple yet powerful vocals and melodies, it brings us back to the moments we had with The Beatles. Listening to the tracks is like having intimate moments that are laid bare through the intricate musicality of Schamroth. This EP captures the memories of a young musician growing up in the ’90s and having a big dream to become an artist someday that’s heavily influenced and immersed by Neil Young‘s records from the collection of his parents. Major Companion is indeed a “companion”. It invites you to be present, to sit down, and to listen to soulful narratives stitched and crafted into beautiful tracks.


“Rat Race” – the major lead for this EP, is packed with vocal goodness and the signature calming guitar arrangement of Schamroth. The way the song was arranged is great and by listening to it, you can tell that it is well crafted; every line in the lyrics and every melody in the song was carefully placed. Along with this amazing track are Dying to be Alive, Lonely Old Heart, If I Got You, Don’t Let It Get You Down, and the first single to be released from these tracks which earned a well-deserved 25,000 listens on Spotify, Cold Wind Blowing. “Dying to be Alive” beats with a yearning to live, while “Lonely Old Heart” depicts solace experienced as you go along with life. “If I Got You” is packed with hopefulness, a serene idea that everything is going to be fine if you have someone strong as your foundation, and “Cold Wind Blowing” and “Don’t Let It Get You Down”, extend a reassuring embrace, urging us to keep going because “que sera sera”, right?

Generally, the EP is solemn, containing feel-good tracks. It is positive and generally an EP that evokes nostalgic emotions. It is inspiring and simple yet powerful. Let Major Companion tracks be your companion as you go on with your day! Check ’em out on all music streaming platforms!

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