Omni James Drops His Debut EP ‘Afrodite’

Love is indeed a journey and Omni James will take us and explore the complexities of it through his latest EP, “Afrodite”. Grab your seats and get ready with all your feels as this five-track EP will definitely be a whole lot of experience.

Afrodite is a simple love story, the artist revealed. This EP is packed with Omni James’ signature R&B, hip hop, and afrobeat which tells a very compelling story about love and the stages that a person goes through which makes this very relatable and close to the listeners.


This EP opens with the track, “Meet You”. Your ears will be assaulted with cool synths and effects as its intro. This song is a worthy introduction to what to expect from Omni James. This song is packed with clear delivery of lines from the artist making the song really understandable to the listeners. This song is confidence translated to a song. “Advantage” is a track that goes closely with the initial track. The transition from one song to the next is purely perfection as it is pleasing to the ears. The beats and the tone for this track are just fire which speaks a lot about its high-level production quality.

As you dive deeper through this EP, the tone shifts, and “Paint You” is just that track. Sexy is the perfect word that describes it best. It perfectly captures the pure devotion, admiration, and worship that they want to convey as a message to their listeners. This track is skillfully done in each element; from the lyrics, tone, vocals, production, and even the mix – all perfection! It is worth pointing out how great their featured vocalist was. Her voice fits perfectly to the whole track making it no less than perfect. I definitely need to hear more! Next up is the song, “Chase You” which features a lot of great rap and beats. The flow and delivery on this track are just clean. This particular song explores relatable themes, tug-of-war problems in a relationship, and how the MC on this song enjoys the chase.

The EP ends with the song, “Dangerous” which is a bit of a surprise as it is packed with great guitar works. This song features a variety of styles combined into one track which will surely be an enjoyable experience for you.


Omni James did a fantastic job in crafting this EP. Emotionally, it resonates closely with the audience as it tells us a very straightforward story about love and relationships.

Although Afrodite stands as a solid EP with fantastic songs, it’s often said that nothing can be deemed perfect. From my personal viewpoint, certain sections of this 5-track EP may come across as if some words are being mumbled, leading to a somewhat unclear sound.

Overall, Afrodite still offers a great listening experience. Each track that it features offers a distinctive quality which makes this EP a collaborative experience. It is loaded with high-quality R&B production which translates into great music. The delivery and the flow of each line were done skillfully be it in rap or in singing which is great since it effectively conveys the message of the songs in this EP. It was definitely a great listen! Don’t forget to follow Omni James on his socials to get the freshest update on his music, and don’t forget to check out “Afrodite” now streaming on all platforms!

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