Fall in Love with Zarenae’s Debut EP “Things I Didn’t Say”

From the warm beaches and lively cities of Southern California, an artist is creating so much buzz in the music scene. Zarenae, who made a debut in 2022 with the single “You”, is finally back with more music after delivering a big debut EP entitled “Things I Didn’t Say”. Released on April 26th of this year, Zarenae displayed her incredible growth, undeniable skills, and great talent on this 5 track collection leaving every one of us wanting more.

“Things I Didn’t Say” is a collection of tracks that served as her voice when words in certain situations failed to work. This is why the themes of this EP are so much familiar to the listeners making it easier for the audience to relate to her words. Moreover, this EP served as Zarenae’s form of healing in the months that she spent overcoming and recovering from a traumatic brain injury. This EP is not just a simple collection of songs but it talks about love, yearning, and everything in between which will leave you all jamming along with the tracks.


An infusion of lush and sultry 90s RnB with some modern twists is Zarenae’s signature type of sound which is the core of the whole EP. The lead single “Snooze”, which currently has more than 30,000 streams on Spotify, perfectly sets the whole mood of the EP for the listeners. It is engaging, chill, and smooth; Zarenae’s voice is very soulful and soothing which made the whole listening experience feel fresh and enjoyable.

The track “Women Like Me” is a personal favorite. It reminds me of Ariana G’s music which only speaks the kind of quality that this music has. This track showcases Zarenae’s signature vocals with the highlights of its relatable lyrics and enjoyable beats and bass. This sure is a type of song that people would enjoy nowadays. From enjoyable to relatable, the song “One In a Million” comes next. It’s crazy how this song resonates – if you have someone that you are yearning for right at this moment, this song is definitely for you. Although it is giving a chill vibe, this is the type of song that you can dance to in a club *with your crushie* Ha! It is fun, chill, and sexy at the same time.


“So High” is a track that showcases the versatility of Zarenae as an artist. It is a track that could guarantee that would make you high. The delivery of the song is just stunning. Lastly, the EP closes with the track “Soul Ties”. Just like the other tracks in this EP, it is packed with RnB beats and bass lines that accentuate the lush harmonies and catchy melodies of the song – it is an absolute jam!

Ultimately, “Things I Didn’t Say” is a great comeback for Zarenae. It is an EP that showcases her strong and undying passion for music. The EP is a great listen since it gives off a nice vibe throughout the whole listening experience. It is also worth noting that the production on this EP was top-notch – it doesn’t sound overwhelming on the contrary, it perfectly highlighted Zarenae’s vocal quality. This is a collection that proves that music heals – and that someone could pick themselves up and keep going after a stumble.

Zarenae’s journey in the industry has already started and she’s already slaying it! Don’t miss out on her incredible music and check out “Things I Didn’t Say” now available for streaming on all major streaming platforms. Know more about her schedules, upcoming shows, and new music through her social media accounts! Send her love, and show support for her music! Zaenae’s EP “Things I Didn’t Say”, listen to it now!

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