Powerhouse Rosetta West Drops An Explosive Album “Labyrinth”

Cool music comin’ up! The powerhouse Illinois-based banned Rosetta West is back with their signature blues and great music with their new album, “Labyrinth”. A 13-track album packed with wild musical ride, promising the listeners the band’s signature rock and roll and classic blues.

Released last April 23, 2024, “Labyrinth” is a solid piece of music that proves the band’s position in the music industry. With its members led by Joseph Demagore who’s in charge of the vocals and the fiery works on guitar, Jason X on the solid bass and keyboards, and Nathan Q. Scratch crafts the amazing rhythms and explosive beats and grooves through his percussion. Through their skills, “Labyrinth” was born and this album showed their mystic and unique sound.


“Labyrinth” is an album that promises a musical ride, it will take its audience on an exploration centered on sound and emotions brought by the great storytelling on each song. The album kicks off with the track “Red Rose Mary Bones”. It is a track that captures the whole mood and vibe of the album. It is packed with vocals intertwined with heavy bass and beats, hinting at darker themes to be expected throughout the album.

As we dive deeper into the album, “The Temple” is a track that offers a classic Western sound that will make you feel grounded and centered. It is calm as if it’s preparing you for a helluva storm that is yet to come. Following this would be the track “Deeper than Magic”, a track that is packed with intensity that’s so great it can leave you breathless. While the whole song does generally feel laid back and chill, Demagore’s vocals are just really top-notch and mesmerizing.

Following the established and signature sound offered by the band, the tracks “Roman Mountains” and “Blue Fog” come in next. It features Rosetta West’s ability to create a story through their lyrics. The song is dynamic and it creates a vibe that is flourishing and constant. These tracks feel like a kind of discovery as you go along listening to them.


In terms of heartfelt lyrics, this album is also loaded with that. Not only were the lyrics well-written but it was also arranged in a satisfyingly great manner for the listeners. Specific highlights for these are the tracks “Ginny’s Gone” and “Shine” – explosive tracks that are highlighted with classic rock instrumentation that would guarantee head bops from the listeners. These tracks showcase great vocal calisthenics from the singer as well as intriguing lyrics that are familiar to the majority of the population, loss and longing.

Rosetta West has definitely displayed its infinite potential in this release. They are powerful in terms of instrumentation and this album proves their great ability to create intricate music that can connect easily with their audience. This band has limitless potential and the tracks “Fly Away”, “Nightmare Blues”, “Sanctuary”, “Superior”, and “Labyrinth” are solid evidence of that. While it is undeniable that their music fits into one category, it is never that easy to put them into one category. This band showcased its willingness to experiment and take on different influences to make a great sound which turned out into this masterpiece of an album.

Experience the explosive blues and rock n roll through Rosetta West’s “Labyrinth”, now available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss out on the future music releases of Rosetta West and follow them on their social media accounts to keep in touch! Discover more about their music and grab the chance to be a part of their musical journey!

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