Ghost Cartridge Drops a Self-Titled Album: A Hip-Hop Supreme Experience

Ghost Cartridge is here, and they are ready to take the stage by storm! Mantrakid and The EquAzn, the dynamic veteran duo also known as Ghost Cartridge, released their most ambitious project, a self-titled album packed with 54 minutes of great sound and musical style. This 20-track album is definitely a rollercoaster ride. Sit back and relax because this duo is about to take you off your feet.

“Ghost Cartridge” is loaded. This is an understatement. This album is full of great sound—a testament to this duo’s craftsmanship. This album is a showcase of how easy it is for these talented lads to shift between genres while maintaining great quality through their releases. From the old-school hip-hop boom-baps to a futuristic sound that guarantees your head to bop, this is what this duo could offer—their OG good music that oozes a cool vibe and high energy!


This project opens with the track “Xzibit.” It has a unique sound that delivers a unique listening experience. This track is packed with the duo’s signature sound plus the spitfire delivery of rap by the artist. This can also be observed through the tracks “Uprising,” “808bit,” “Count,” and “Gundam in the Sky.” Rapping is one skill, but rapping while delivering clear lines and being able to tell a good story at the same time is a whole lot different. This only proves the high-caliber quality of music that one should expect from this duo, making this track a worthy introduction for the whole album.

One thing that is apparent about this duo is their chemistry. Their skillset and sound work perfectly together. Their chemistry is undeniable. Maybe because they’ve been making sound together since the early 2000s, but the intricate production blended with great lyricism on this album just shows how this duo complements each other so much in terms of the production of music. This collaboration is lit; both of them add their own spice to the music that they produce, adding a unique flavor and perspective to the mix.


In the end, the result of the great collaboration between these two great artists is unpredictable and undeniably exhilarating. “Ghost Cartridge” is the music of the future. It is just great—the beats are sick, the lyrics are well-written, the story is definitely good, and the whole production is undeniably well-crafted.

This is a project that will make you think while you enjoy great bangers! This only proves how fearless this duo was in pushing their own boundaries to make experiments for great music. For a great listening experience, these tracks were also released in this project: Digger of Graves, Physics in the Music, Antennae, Manifesto, Thump, REJECT, The Monster, Twentythirteen, The Name Game, Spit Smoove, Idolise, Mental Endoparasite, Heard a Ghost, and Quiet Eyes.

Ultimately, Ghost Cartridge is an album that demands your full and undivided attention. With its quality sound, well-written lyrics, and high dose of energy, there is no way that you should miss this great album—this is a must-listen! Hip-hop enthusiasts or not, don’t miss out on this great music! It is a groundbreaking release! Check it out on your favorite streaming platforms, and don’t forget to check out and follow Ghost Cartridge on social media as well! Be the first to know about their exclusive content and upcoming releases! Stream and share “Ghost Cartridge” now!

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