Lemarze Smith’s ‘Celebration’: A Nostalgic Rap Ride Through Life’s Peaks and Valleys

Lemarze Smith just dropped an album that’s all about celebrating life’s highs and lows, titled “Celebration.” Imagine sifting through the ebbs and flows of life while jamming to nostalgic sounds reminiscent of early 2000s rap – that’s exactly what this album brings to the table.

Apart from his music career, Lemarze Smith wears multiple hats, boasting skills as a writer and director. He’s taken charge behind the camera, directing a range of local films.


Dropped just before the year’s end on December 29, 2023, “Celebration” arrives as a toast to Lemarze‘s musical journey. This album gleams with polished production. It’s like his heart spilled into every track, polishing them to perfection. The lyrics? They’ll pluck those heartstrings, guaranteed nod-inducing stuff. With 16 tracks, this rap masterpiece throws it back to the golden era of raw, angst-filled beats, dripping with authenticity.

Lemarze isn’t new to the scene; this is his second-to-last album, following the success of “S.M.I.T.H,” a debut album featuring 15 tracks. “Celebration” has a showcase of live-recorded tracks like “Tonight,” and “Wait of the World,” creating an immersive experience that’s both genuine and fire, alongside interludes such as “Tired” and “Take Flight.”– they’re like a quick pit stop in a musical road trip.


What makes this album stand out is its authenticity. The heart of this album lies in its relatable and meaningful lyrics. Lemarze’s verses speak volumes, blending relatable and meaningful lyrics with professional production. His flows are fire, and those infectious melodies? They’re bound to make a permanent residence in your rap playlist.

Lemarze Smith’s “Celebration” is a fusion of nostalgia, authenticity, and lyrical finesse.
This album is a celebration of life’s journey, accepting what we have while striving for the stars. Lemarze Smith crafted a masterpiece that speaks volumes—no wonder it’s a must-have for any rap aficionado! Expect fire flows and melodies that stick with you.

Celebration Track List

Wait of the World
Whipping in the Kitchen
Down This Road
One Last Time
Social Media Slave
Don’t Cage Me
Take Flight
Bigger Than My City
Erase You
Love You
Good Feeling
No L’s

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