Bop Alert! Tr3 Taylor Drops New EP ‘Hold Me Down’

Have I been living under a rock? And why am I just discovering this absolute banger? Tr3 Taylor dropped two new EP Tracks last February 8th – ‘Hold Me Down,’ and ‘Let It Go,’ and I need everyone to listen up and check these out because they are absolutely FIRE!

Starting up strong with ‘Hold Me Down‘, this track will straight-up make your head bop. The song is packed with energy as it mirrors the once turbulent lifestyle Tr3 Taylor embraced. Thrills that include late-night adventures involving some flirtatious brushed-offs and sometimes some close encounters with authorities are once a life that he enjoys. The lyrics honor a woman whom he affectionately calls “lul momma.” The repeated refrain of “lul momma tryna hold me down” acts as a plea for his stability. It is a mantra, an admission of a solid grounding and foundation that she provides.


The beats in this track automatically just lock into your skull from its opening notes until the very end. Solid sick beats and the clean flow of Tr3 Taylor’s rap is everything that a hip-hop fan craves. The energy check for this is topnotch, this banger will make you wanna move the moment you hear its first beat.

And then there’s ‘Let It Go’ taking a different approach, it’s like stepping into a whole new mood. It offers a chill, laid-back vibe contrary to its fiery lyrics. This track speaks volumes, the title itself holds a heavy meaning. Released last 2016, this track is personal to Tr3 Taylor. It is a story of a man’s journey to discovering and knowing himself once more. The song reflects Tr3’s rise from poverty, this is where he acknowledges his sacrifices. Anyone who has been into toxic bonds can relate to this song. This track also highlights one’s courage to break free and prioritize one’s personal growth. Letting go in this track isn’t just all about past relationships; it’s also a call to drop all negativities in pursuit of success. In retrospect, this is a track that screams empowerment fueled by one’s desire to be more than his past!

This track’s vibe may have been chill but its musicality is still top-notch. The slower tempo makes it perfect for relaxing and reflecting but the snappy and clean flow of raps still keeps the bar on the heights.


The contrast of these two tracks tells us the story and the transformation of Tr3 Taylor. From chaos to growth, it is a narrative of his evolution from the complexities that he went through. ‘Hold Me Down,’ and ‘Let it Go,’ offers a solid proof that one can confront his own demons and could drive themselves into self-improvement fueled by ambition, gratitude, and his newfound self. But still, here’s the thing: both tracks are still on fire! The vocals are on point, the rap flow is effortless and just so smooth. This one is impeccably clean, just some pure musical goodness! Let It Go is a personal favorite. While it is a perfect chill counter to Hold Me Down, it is still super catchy. It is smooth, definitely calmer, but no less impressive.

But here’s a kicker, these are just Tr3’s birthday tracks, some kind of a taste test for what’s to come from his upcoming EP ‘Petty Again Part 2“. Intrigued? Ha! You better be! “Petty Again ” is a whole new different spice that Tr3 Taylor earlier released. Petty Again Part 2 is definitely going to be a banger just like these. So watch out for it.

Overall, Tr3 Taylor is killing it with these two tracks. Check ‘em out on all streaming platforms! Spoiler alert: it’s gonna be epic!

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