Victims of the New Math releases New Album ‘I Will Be Your Blue Sky’

Victims of the New Math brain child Thomas Young released a 10-track album entitled “I Will Be Your Blue Sky”. Crafted by this extra-talented lad, this whole album explores all too familiar themes such as loss, loneliness, rejection, and love. This album is packed with Young’s signature lofi rock vibe that adds up the drama on the released tracks.

I Will Be Your Blue Sky is what I’d like to classify as one of the classics. In this album, Young showcased his ability to write every lyric, play every instrument, and arrange everything, resulting in this unique and deeply personal work. What makes this different is the sheer respect and passion that Young pours into his craft.


While some tracks are shorter than what we usually listen to, they never feel incomplete. With each note carefully placed, it contributed to the overall uniqueness and catchiness of each song. This can be observed through the tracks like “We Go Round,” “Sleeping On Airplanes,” and “Number Twelve Everything,”.

Whether you’re vibing through your car radio while traveling on a highway or seeking solace inside your room with your favorite blanket on, I Will Be Your Blue Sky can be your go-to playlist. “I Won’t Break Your Heart“, can give you warmth, you can lose yourself in “By Ourselves“, or maybe you can uplift yourself through the tracks “Into the Sun,” and “Radio Jets.”. Feeling lost? “Can’t Find My Way Back” can be your anthem, while “The Sun is Gonna Shine” offers a spark of hope. To sum up the feel of the entire album, “Polaroid” has its nostalgic charm that will leave you with some kind of warmth and optimism.


I Will Be Your Blue Sky is solid proof of the power and craftmanship of DIY music. As a fan of lofi rock, I daresay that this is an album that you shouldn’t miss. With the heartfelt lyrics and Young’s distinct musicality, the actual effects of this album run deep which makes it more authentic as you go listen to it.

So, check out this unique music from Victims of the New Math. Released last January 24, 2024, I Will Be Your Blue Sky, streaming on platforms! It’s not yet too late to go and listen!

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