Rising from the Depths: Phat Phish’s ‘The Struggle Sessions’

“You ain’t got no fuckin’ Phat Phish”

Phat Phish is back with his second album, ‘The Struggle Sessions.’ And no, this isn’t your average sophomore project—it’s a testament to resilience, and a magnetic fusion of 14 tracks, meticulously curated for seamless transitions and flow. It’s a tale of highs, lows, and beats that hit harder than Monday mornings.


A producer, rapper, and singer from South Bend, Indiana, cooking up beats that sizzle straight out of the Southeast. But here’s the catch—behind the rhythm and rhymes lies a narrative that isn’t just about music; it’s about life’s tumultuous turns and the unwavering passion for creation.

Phat Phish’s venture from ‘Heartbreak Motel‘ to ‘The Struggle Sessions‘ wasn’t a smooth sail. Picture this: just as the echoes of his debut album faded into the air, fate decided to hurl a lightning bolt his way—Hepatitis took center stage. Talk about a plot twist that no artist would wish for.

Can you imagine the relentless days of pain, those sleepless nights when the world felt like a blurry slideshow? The sickness swiped the spotlight, forcing Phat Phish into an unwanted hiatus. The gigs dried up, the phone lost its melody, and motivation packed its bags for a vacation.

But amidst the chaos and the dissonance, Phat Phish held on to one thing—the love for music. It was that single glimmer of hope that kept the rhythm alive amidst the silence. The struggle became his melody, the pain his lyric, and slowly but surely, inspiration started humming a new tune in the background.

Out of the chaos emerged ‘The Struggle Sessions.’ This album is a canvas painted with resilience, featuring a lineup that adds vibrant hues to the narrative. Cory Gunz, Dizzy Wright, and an array of emerging talents like Billy East , LeekJayMusic , Cameron Walker , LeTarius Prince , Jae Von and Drezzy Drezz, lend their voices to this masterpiece.

With each beat drop, each verse delivered, Phat Phish invites listeners into his world—a world sculpted by adversity, transformed into art. ‘The Struggle Sessions‘ isn’t just about tunes; it’s about the human experience—struggle, resilience, and the unbreakable bond between an artist and their craft.


Phat Phish’s second album is a straight-up rap saga that kicks off with a bang! “Think They Forgot” hits harder than a hammer on a hot anvil, boasting simple yet killer beats that set the stage for some fiery rhymes. And you’re right, “RUN” keeps that professional, polished vibe going strong, serving a double dose of top-notch recording and lyrical prowess.

Now, let’s talk about those gems like “Growing Up” and “Don’t Play With Me.” They ain’t your regular run-of-the-mill rap tracks. Nope, sir! They’ve got that special spark, a unique edge that keeps things interesting, refusing to settle for anything close to mundane. And “Don’t Play With Me” is a whole mood with its trap-style rap.

Oh, and a little detail that’s like the secret ingredient in your favorite recipe—if you catch those sneaky watermarks in each track, they’re like little stamps, marking each song as a bespoke creation made exclusively for ‘Struggle Sessions‘. Talk about attention to detail, right?

Now, let me spill the tea on my personal favorites. “Losin“, man, that’s the track that takes your vibe to the next level! The beats, the rap game—everything just screams “fire” in the best way possible. And speaking of favorites, “Legends” and “Fallin” don’t hold back either, adding more fuel to this blazing rap album.

But hold on to your playlist, folks! This album ain’t a one-trick pony; it’s a full-blown 14-track extravaganza that’s got more surprises than a magician’s hat. So, grab your headphones, queue up The Struggle Sessions, and let Phat Phish do the talking. Trust me, your rap playlist needs this fire!

The Struggle Sessions Track List

Think They Forgot
Growing Up
Don’t Play With Me
They Claim
The Path
Can’t Feel Nothing
Mood Musicc

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