‘The Third Suspect’: menino marino’s Debut EP – Review

Portuguese-based artist menino marino just released his new EP entitled ‘The Third Suspect‘ last January 10, 2024. The EP, made up of five tracks that portrays feelings of loneliness, frustration, and doubt, experienced by a character revealed in ‘The Third Suspect’, the song that closes and gives name to the EP. These emotions will hit you harder than realizing your coffee shop just ran out of almond milk.

First off, let’s talk about the mastermind behind this musical masterpiece—André Marino A.K.A menino marino, a Portuguese wizard of sound. He not only composed and wrote the lyrics for the entire EP but also wears multiple hats as the guitarist, vocalist, bassist, and synthesizer maestro. It’s like he’s conducting a one-man orchestra, and we’re here for it! Influences? menino marino draws from the legends—Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Yes, Dream Theater. But he doesn’t stop there; he throws in electronic vibes from Kraftwerk, Justice, Daft Punk, and the groovy atmospheres of Tame Impala, Parcels, Jungle, and more.



Adding a collaborative touch to the sonic alchemy, Gonçalo Cabral stands alongside menino marino as the co-producer of the EP. Their partnership in crafting this musical journey adds another layer to the intricate tapestry of ‘The Third Suspect,’ showcasing a seamless blend of talents in both composition and production. These two are the dynamic duo, crafting a symphony that’ll make you question why you ever settled for mediocre music. 

Now, onto the tracks! ‘DNR‘ kicks things off with an EDM vibe that’s like a surprise party in a haunted mansion. The contrast between the energetic instrumentals and the dark vocals is as intriguing as trying to find matching socks in the dark. Picture this: you’re dancing to the beats, but the lyrics take you on a mysterious journey, leaving you with a musical whodunit. It’s a musical showdown where the synths set the stage, the guitar takes center spotlight, and João ‘Rato’ Moura‘s bass lays down the rhythmic foundation. The result? A lively, danceable concoction that hits you like a sudden burst of confetti at a surprise party—unexpected, exhilarating, and impossible to resist.

In ‘Fringes‘, Sara dos Santos steps up to the mic, adding a unique texture to the EP. This track, tackling the theme of isolation-induced madness, packs a heavier punch and showcasing menino marino’s skill in crafting intense compositions. In ‘Fringes,’ the spotlight shines on menino marino’s solo guitar, a landmark moment that sets the tone for the rest of the EP.


A Portrait Of Sound,’ the EP’s only instrumental and a debut for menino marino in the instrumental work. This track, influenced by guitar greats, is André Marino’s musical self-portrait—a result of his quest to define himself as a guitarist. It’s a masterpiece, a canvas of intricate guitar strokes that promises more musical wonders to come. ‘A Portrait Of Sound’ is a glimpse into menino marino’s evolving musical identity, leaving us eager for the instrumental adventures that lie ahead. Now, ‘Everybody Lies‘ hits you with a dose of heaviness and grooviness. Sara dos Santos is back on vocals, and it’s the most commercially accessible track—like the gateway drug to alternative rock. However, that didn’t stop menino marino from ending the track with a long instrumental section, divided between his guitar and Leonardo Patrício’s piano solos.

Finally, we arrive at ‘The Third Suspect,’ the experimental finale that ties up the narrative knots. London Lawhon on vocals, menino marino on backing vocals—it’s a musical tag team that’s like watching a plot twist unfold in your favorite TV show.  The Third Suspect introduces two other antagonists, who will help move the narrative forward. The track’s production is outstanding, revealing a wealth of musical artistry. Menino marino’s solo guitar, in particular, is exceptionally clean and ablaze, especially during the final solo—it’s a truly “eargasm” moment that will compel you to shut your eyes and immerse yourself in the palpable sound. Without a doubt, menino marino showcases his professionalism as an artist and guitarist through this remarkable piece.

Each track in this EP unfolds as a chapter, from the haunting ‘DNR’ to the madness of ‘Fringes,’ the instrumental brilliance in ‘A Portrait Of Sound,’ the heavy groove of ‘Everybody Lies,’ and the experimental finale in ‘The Third Suspect. ‘The Third Suspect’ is a thrilling ride through emotions and genres. Menino marino has crafted a musical masterpiece, and it’s time for you to hit play.

The Third Suspect Track List

A Portrait Of Sound
Everybody Lies
The Third Suspect

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