Porky Stiletto Drops Bop-Worthy EP “One Star Hotel Hookup”

News flash! In today’s highlight, the artist Porky Stiletto releases a bop-worthy EP, “One Star Hotel Hookup.” This more than 17-minute collection of five tracks is a bunch of songs he produced in the past three years. It is a perfect blend of chaos and good music, packed with themes about heartbreak, loss, and some sort of bittersweet acceptance of how things go in life.

As Porky Stiletto strikes in this EP, it showcases his capability to make good music that delivers a variety of emotions through different genres. The blast of energy and vibe that “One Star Hotel Hookup” gives off deserves a commendation too; it is chill, but it is most definitely a wild ride. Through the chaotic signature sound of Porky Stiletto, a good blend of humor, punk aggression, and a hazy chill indie vibe is formed through this EP.


The EP opens with the track “Today Feels.” A distorted dreamy vocal with synth effects gives off the foundation of a slow and chill vibe for this track. This track is about the internal struggle between doubts and wanting and seeking a much brighter future ahead. The lines in the song describe indecision and confusion, yet, despite all the negativity, the track ends with the narrator taking steps into a positive outlook and on a hopeful note.

“Tongue” comes in next. It is an absolute head bopper. This track will remind you of 80 classics because of its disco beats. This track gives off disco neon lights and fun: bass, drums, and guitar riffs are prominent, making it sound familiar yet refreshing. While the vocals are kinda drowned out because of the effects, this track sounds nice. This might be my personal favorite. Along with this track is “Stove,” another headbang. The guitar part in this track is definitely awesome, and this track gives off western-sounding music. While these tracks might sound light and fun, these songs carry a much deeper message. One is a cry for help after having their lives spiraling in despair, while the other talks about relationships and their toxic baggage because of possessiveness.


Other tracks that are featured on this EP are “More PCH,” which has a more rock sound. The heavy-hitting drums and grungy guitar are a refreshing sound in this EP. Lastly, “LICK,” a track that is packed with a good combination of synth, beats, instruments, and some hazy voice effects, This track felt like a burst of sound, but in a good way. With this collection of tracks, the EP heavily proves the ability of Porky Stiletto to effectively make compelling music from one genre to another. This one is definitely pure talent!

One Star Hotel Hookup is some kind of chaotic craft beautifully arranged to make one good EP. While each song in this EP carries a different type of vibe that can be individually appreciated, each of them bears a deep meaning when viewed as a narrative. Making a good sound is one thing, but again, as an artist, being able to write great music with good sound is some kind of acquired talent. This EP is proof that Porky Stiletto is an artist worthy of your attention. The skill is there, so much more of the potential. With this, be sure to check out the EP “One Star Hotel Hookup” on your favorite platforms and follow Porky Stiletto on his socials! You are in for one helluva ride!

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