Rendering Vibes: DEADIFY & jarodpanda’s Upcoming Album “Render”

DEADIFY and jarodpanda are serving up a musical feast with their collaboration, “Render.” With 15 tracks and clocking in at 44 minutes and 44 seconds, this album is like a mixed-genre party in your ears. It’s a carefully crafted art piece designed to resonate deep within your playlist.

First up, let’s talk about jarodpanda’s magic touch in this project. This musical maestro wears multiple hats—production? Check. Killer vocals? Double check. Then we’ve got ZAXCY, the wizard behind the curtain, weaving this auditory adventure into a seamless story. He executively produced the track’s arrangement and minor production flairs surrounding track transitions.


DEADIFY is a diverse and innovative Filipino-Chinese-Korean Rap/ R&B / Electronic Pop artist whose music is a fusion feast—a bit of Rap, a dash of R&B, and a sprinkle of Electronic Pop—all served up with a unique flavor. The inspirations? Tennyson, Joji, Smino, Tobi lou, Brent Faiyaz, monte booker, and Snails House. A melting pot, right? He is the mastermind behind fire tracks like “yokai,” “inside,” and “love letter.”

Dropping on January 20, 2024, “Render” is more polished than your grandmother’s silverware. The production? Spot on! The lyrics? They’ll hit you in the feels, making you nod like, “Yep, been there, felt that.”


Now, onto the tracklist—imagine the stages of a ‘situation-ship’ as a sound wave. From the heart-wrenching “hopeless” to the dreamy “dream,” the patience-testing “patience,” and the star-studded “Stars align” with Batya Belle, each track’s a different chapter in this musical novel. It set the stage for an R&B-infused slow dance with emotions.

But here’s the real kicker: DEADIFY‘s secret sauce is creating a world within each track. It’s like stepping into a kaleidoscope of sound where every beat tells a different tale. “Render” is an invitation to experience emotions in stereo, painting life’s quirks and experiences in vibrant melodies.

This album’s a whirlwind. It’s melodies dancing with sentiments, beats mingling with brilliance—a musical concoction where every note has a story to tell. It’s a kaleidoscope of sounds and sentiments.

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