Defying the Boundaries of culture and genre with EP “粉內宇宙 Fi-Né Universe_ Vol.1”

Music offers different things in our lives. Majority of times, it offers us emotional support and there are times it features cultures of our very own. In the vast and vibrant parts of contemporary music, only a few musicians have the ability to successfully produce a great fusion of culture and genre in terms of musicality. In order for that type of music to be called successful, it should sound enthralling and perfect: and this is the type of music Fi-Né promises to offer. This amazing pair, Suzy Lee and Philip D’avilar, was formed in the summer of 2016 in Florida and have been continuously captivating their listeners worldwide with their unique and great musicality.

This EP entitled “粉內宇宙 Fi-Né Universe_ Vol.1” is a 4 track release packed with great performances done by eight amazing artists. The EP has successfully integrated Chinese and English, both major languages on its lyrics, making this performance resonating to the majority of the global listeners. In this star-studded collaboration, Fi-NE was joined with these six amazing artists, L8ching, DJ SON666, Sujong Park, Your Friend Sunny, OC, and 賴瓦旦 – in one unforgettable live musical experience. So get ready to experience the goodness on this EP.


Opening up in this EP is the track “Just Touch Me”. It is a calm and chill track highlighted with Suzy’s clear and stunning vocals. The combined skills of these artists blend seamlessly, creating a sexy and intimate type of music. Adding to the goodness of the song is Philip’s undeniable great rap skills shining through the track demonstrating natural talent and skill through the performance. The same vibe (only intensified) is also capsulized in the song “5th Dimension”. On the other hand, the track “Fly with You” offers a different kind of vibe as a track. It is upbeat and more energetic than the others. With its prominent and skillful basslines, it adds up to the spiciness and the richness of this music. Best part of this track? DEFINITELY THE BRIDGE! So, be sure to check it all out.


Lastly, this EP ends with literal bangers through the track “Freestyle Jam”. The title says it all. It is freestyle and is an absolute jam! This track features the collective skills of the artists through improvised music. Their abilities were highlighted as they fearlessly create sound which surprisingly fits altogether – pushing their boundaries just to offer good music. This track also features a strong artistic expression that roots deeply from the passion of these eight amazing artists to music.

Ultimately, the duo’s musical skills does not only cover one categorization, inspired by a variety of rich colors of jazz, R&B, hip-hop, and electronic influences, this blend of a little bit of everything resulted in an electrifying sound that transcends your expectations and leaves you wanting for more of their music. This is a musical showcase of great talent, and the world needs to hear more of it. With this, let me invite you to check out this EP “粉內宇宙 Fi-Né Universe_ Vol.1”. Be sure to follow the artist Fi-Né on all their social media platforms to keep updated with their latest news and music release. Don’t sleep on this absolutely amazing music. EP “粉內宇宙 Fi-Né Universe_ Vol.1” by Fi-Né, now available for streaming in all your favorite streaming platform. Stream and share!

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